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Strong and Sturdy

The structure of the design and premium plastic material used by ROYAL®A roof tiles makes it very strong, has good mechanical properties, is resistant to impact, and is resistant to chemicals, acids and salts.


ROYAL® roof tiles are equipped with the best UV Protection additives in their class, so they can reduce heat significantly and can make buildings cooler and more comfortable.

Practical and Efficient

ROYAL® roof tiles are available in sheets that are in the form of extensive tile panels (6 x 8 panels per sheet). Coupled with a precision overlap system between sheets, making tile installation becomes much more practical, easy and time-saving.


Materials used by ROYAL® tile, uPVC and ASA / PMMA plastics are known as non-rust material. Gentle ROYAL® is guaranteed to not be rusty despite being used in high temperatures and damps, or in coastal areas.


In addition to saving time, using ROYAL® tiles can also save on construction costs and installation costs. The distance of gording or lath that is quite wide, which is 88 cm, helps reduce costs and also saves time on frame installation. In addition, ROYAL® tiles also do not require special care, so you no longer need to incur additional costs in the future.

Safe and Durable

UPVC plastic materials used by ROYAL® tiles are not easily ignited, and cannot spread fire. In addition, the structure of large panel sheets as well as the light weight possessed by ROYAL® tiles can also reduce the risk of loose roof tiles during an earthquake, or fly when a storm or strong wind occurs.